Asset Management

Landlink manages a mixed portfolio of over 940,000 ft² of commercial property, 170 acres of solar farms, and a Private Rented Sector (PRS) portfolio. The asset base is primarily located around West Sussex and draws on the established agricultural and horticultural heritage of the wider group as the base for its current success. It provides accommodation for around 45 commercial businesses which occupy a range of industrial/warehouse, office, retail, horticultural and other properties & sites.

Asset Management
Asset Management

The property portfolio is managed in-house to maintain an efficient, high quality and customer focussed approach, with a selected group of external supplier & consultant partners providing specialist services as required. There is a strong focus on developing strong long term occupier relationships and engaging with our customers to understand & assist the growth of their businesses.

Our Asset Management activities cover a broad range of professional services across the varied property assets to provide a well maintained and strongly performing portfolio. These include:

Lettings, lease renewals, lease restructuring and investment sales to maximise asset enhancement opportunities and efficiencies from the portfolio.

Property management to ensure on-going customer engagement, management of lease events & compliance.

Day to day facilities management and health & safety management to ensure proper repairs and standards are maintained across the portfolio.

Example Projects