Commercial Property

Landlink Estates owns and manages a mixed portfolio of commercial property ranging from:

  • Offices
  • Serviced offices
  • Automated industrial glasshouses
  • Refrigerated warehouse packing and distribution facilities
  • Storage units
  • Workshop and light industrial facilities
  • Modern grain processing and distribution facility
  • Green waste composting site
  • Large scale renewable energy solar farm developments

Our commercial portfolio extends to sites in Sussex, Suffolk, Scotland and Spain and is managed by our dedicated, in-house Estates Management team.

Landlink believes in developing long term relationships with tenants and business partners and really understand their businesses and requirements. This approach enables us to:

  • Retain tenants
  • Be responsive
  • Be flexible to changing needs
  • Be supportive of new business opportunities
  • Grow our business alongside our tenants.

We can package flexible leases to deliver long term and mutually beneficial returns. Across the estate we can offer commercial leasehold space via existing assets or through investment in new commercial development opportunities.

We are interested in leasehold opportunities that allow us to expand our tenant network whilst improving and regenerating existing buildings and sites.

Please contact us to discuss your businesses property requirements.