Landlink Estates is an integral part of The Langmead Group whose rich history in agriculture can be dated back to 1881.

Below is a snap shot of Langmeads farming family history.

The Langmead family traces its roots back to 1590 in Devon where they held a variety of business interests including farming, commerce and banking.

William and Nancy Langmead moved to Sussex in 1881 with their 4 sons.

Walter Langmead established a series of land holdings and string of dairies. He bought land at Runcton and Merston in 1926 which he later divided between two of his sons, one of whom was David’s grandfather, Walter James Langmead.

Walter James Langmead focussed on breeding, genetics and technology which was to prove integral to improving farming during World War II. He became a pioneer of professional farming and championed mechanisation.

David’s father Brian takes over the farming tenancy of Home Farm, Selsey. In the 1960’s Brian then developed the largest dairy herd in Europe milking 720 cows three times a day. He also introduced the concept of cow kennels to the UK, manufacturing and selling them to the dairy industry. In the 1980’s he began continuous wheat farming on a large scale focussed on developing yield.

David Langmead, now a 5th generation Sussex farmer bought his first farm in 1982, Park Farm, Lagness, and begins arable farming.

Having completed a study tour to the USA and Australia, David started Langmead Farms growing 80 acres of iceberg lettuce beginning a long term relationship with UK retailers as a consumer focused grower.

Innovation in farming techniques, mechanisation and genetics continue in Langmead Farms to this day.

Glebedales began when David joins Neil Clarkson in a joint venture agricultural contracting business.

David and Robert Langmead established Natures Way Foods to provide a solution to the growing prepared bag salad market later diversifying into prepared fruit. Natures Way Foods now supplies retailers and food service customers nationally.

JW European began as a joint venture between David Langmead and Peter Birch founding a business based on procuring and innovating Italian and French specialty salad leaves and selling them across Europe.

Brinkmans Nurseries is purchased, historically one of the largest fruit tree nurseries in the world. This he developed to trade in hardy ornamental nursery plants supplying major DIY and supermarket chains.

Landlink Estates was founded to manage David’s agricultural and horticultural estate, comprising of farm land, residential and commercial property and alternative energy interests.

Langmead Espana is established in southern Spain farming salad crops to secure year round continuity of supply to UK retailers. The company has farm land, water, packhouse and distribution facilities in the Murcia region.

David and Ed Marley set up Plant Marketing International as a joint venture specialising in the micro-propagation of plants in China marketed and sold globally.

Brinkmans Viveros starts and builds a multi-span polytunnel facility dedicated to growing and distributing plants for Ikea in Spain and Portugal.

Natures Way Foods acquires Sun Salads Ltd with Simon Lawes in a strategic move to secure the supply of quality watercress for customers. Sun Salads is now the 3rd largest watercress operation in the UK.

David and Robert venture to the USA to build Wild Rocket Foods in California to supply fresh&easy starting with 250 SKU’s in the fresh produce category. Fusion Floral is then created in partnership with Greg Muller, adding a fresh cut flower business to the portfolio.

Fusion Floral was then created in partnership with Greg Muller, adding a fresh cut flower business to the portfolio.

JW European Italy opened an Italian office with a full time technical and commercial team developing a truly integrated supply chain and supporting the Italian business in opening up channels to other European countries.

Sun Salads Espana was founded with Simon Lawes to build a new watercress farm in Seville to secure a dedicated year round supply of watercress to UK retailers.

Langmead España began growing organic potted herbs for the European market.

Langmead Farms begins the supply of fresh cut bunched and pre-packed herbs to national retailers.

Langmead Espana purchases the rights to the Omnius branded artificial grass and garden sundries to supply DIY chains across Spain.