The Compton Field Reservoir

Langmead Farms is delighted to announce the completion of its Compton Field Reservoir.

compton-field-reservoir-8The reservoir will help Langmead Farms enhance its reputation as a prime supplier of high-value produce to UK supermarkets as well as increasing biodiversity at the site in Selsey, West Sussex.

Langmead grows high-value crops in the county, including salad crops, fresh herbs, sweetcorn, potatoes and arable in rotation with its farming partners. These crops rely on a clean, cost-effective and reliable water supply to sustain production of supermarket-grade products.

Langmead Farms currently farms 4,800 acres in West Sussex and has devised a long-term strategy to develop a sustainable and renewable water supply and irrigation network to connect the farming land. Part of the Langmead Group, the company also farms another 1,700 acres in Suffolk and Scotland.

High levels of demand on existing water sources in Selsey, particularly during longer dry spells in the summer, have led to a restricted farming rotation. The high cost of pumping water considerable distances and consuming water from mains supply was a further factor that made development and construction of a reservoir paramount.

compton-field-reservoir-9The Group’s property arm Landlink Estates worked with statutory authorities and local consultants to obtain the planning consent for the reservoir situated at Ferry Farm, Selsey. It provides a 10 million gallon irrigation supply, essential for ongoing production of high-value crops.

In the context of winters becoming wetter and summers drier, the reservoir will allow the storage of water during the winter ready for use in the summer.

The banks of the reservoir have been constructed from the excavated material from the site and will be planted with a grass and wild flower seed mix. This will encourage greater biodiversity and create wildlife habitats that provide a degree of screening for the reservoir.

The reservoir is now ready to be filled over the winter ready for use in spring and summer 2017.

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