Planning & Development

Landlink Estates seeks to maximise the value of its assets through considered development.

We work to identify and promote our sites through the planning process with the aim of creating high quality spacesthat use resources intelligently to provide a positive and long lasting legacy.

Forward Thinking

Landlink Estates is involved in development schemes ranging from renovating residential properties to large housing and commercial schemes. Our knowledge and expertise as well as our commitment to sustainability has meant that our projects benefit the communities around them.

Strategic land plays a key role in our portfolio. We work closely with developers, communities, land owners and local authorities. Our long history of living and working in Sussex remains our competitive advantage. Our extensive local knowledge and contacts mean we are well placed to bring forward investment and development opportunities.

Strategic & Committed

Our aim at each strategic site is to deliver commercially viable investment schemes and bring together local communities. We work collaboratively and engage with stakeholders to create stronger communities from first class development.

Landlink is well placed to deliver a large pipeline of consented development opportunities and is actively seeking to work with development partners during this implementation phase. To learn more about some of our key planning projects please visit our News Page.

Pear Mapping takes information from Land Registry and Farm plans, to allow us to have a clear overview of the land under our control. We can easily update new buildings or service pipes using our LEICA, which is a hand held device that uses GPS single to get an accuracy of 2m. This mapping technology gives us an up-to-date image of our portfolio. It also allows us to map out potential development schemes and draw up plans to be submitted alongside planning applications.