Renewable Energy


In 2014 we partnered with BNRG one of Europe’s most experienced solar farm developers. Over a four-year period, we successfully developed sites producing a total of 45Mw, we are now starting an ambitious second wave of larger solar farms to provide a further 90Mw within our extensive land bank of some 6,500 acres.

Growth in the renewable industry is not confined to the UK, across the globe solar continues to be the world’s fastest growing energy sector due in part to the changes in technology. The improved efficiency of photovoltaic cells and the storage methods of the supporting infrastructure have underpinned growth. In the UK, the Government’s commitment to renewable energy is an opportunity for us to grow our business by becoming a larger and more efficient producer of clean energy.

  • Manor Farm, West Sussex, UK
  • 5 MW
  • Constructed: 2016
  • Ferry Farm, West Sussex, UK
  • 5 MW
  • Constructed: 2015

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